Swimming Suits

One of the most important pieces of equipment for swimming today has become the wetsuit. Suits today are made from fabrics of polymer that are designed to decrease the drag coefficient of a swimmers body from the hydrophobic forces in the water. They are usually made from materials such as neoprene. Wetsuits come in many different forms, and are different for men and women. Many companies employ high tech materials in the development of these wetsuits. However is not certain that all swimmers benefit in the form of increased speed and buoyancy when it comes to wetsuits. Suits being developed today offer 10 percent less passive drag from the water, giving a little speed boost to the swimmers.

Wetsuits work by tapping a thin layer of water between the skin and the suit. This blanket of water reduced drag from the surrounding water and also helps keep the swimmers warm in cold waters. It is important that wetsuits fit perfectly. Any baggy areas will lead to it coming in the way of swimming. This is the reason that public swimming pools do not rent wetsuit, although they rent everything else. Wetsuits also need to be taken care of, if one wants them to last for a longer time. After using the wet suit every single time, one has to rinse the wetsuit and dry it under shade. Washing machines are not meant to wash swimsuits. While drying a wetsuit, it is important to dry the swimwear first from the insides.



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