Freestyle Swimming Technique

Freestyle swimming technique is among the most flexible officially recognized swimming style. It is also known as the crawl swimming style and is considered one of the fastest strokes. The only stiff rules in this style are that a swimmer does not touch the far wall or pull on the lane line while swimming. All types of strokes are allowed in this style. However, most swimmers have developed their own style over the years, which include facedown, alternating arm swings, rapid up and down alternating kicks, and side breathing depending on the arm that is being used for making the stroke.

The facedown technique begins with the swimmers diving with their faces forward into the water from either the sides of the pool or from a starting block. The position of the body needs to be streamlined, with the arms being extended above the head. While swimming, one arm is place on top of the other and cover the ears. Legs and the back is kept straight, until a flutter kick is required. The head is kept under the water to reduce frontal friction from water.

Freestyle also allows a swimmer to body roll. Body roll is initiated by the arm action and the entire body makes a turn along its axis. Body roll helps the body to maintain a streamlines position, since it keeps the shoulders and hips in line. The hand enters the water in front of the head, between the parallel line from the shoulders and the mid line of the body.



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