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Swimming is one of the most complete exercises that human body can find. Swimming is recommended to be taught to new born babies just after they learn to walk. It is one the most popular summer recreational activities around the world. This is the reason that places that have a warmer summer have a high ratio of swimming pools, which are visited by people trying to get away from the heat. Swimming is not just a recreational activity, but also a sport in different forms.

The sport finds new patrons every year that can't resist the temptation of feeling weightlessness under water. Swimming has lesser injuries associated with it that any other sport, however for beginners there is a risk of being drowned. However, the benefits of swimming far outweigh the few risks that swimming holds. It is a great workout for every age group, from small children to even senior citizens.

Swimming ranks on top of the list of exercises necessary for keeping a health mind and body. Fitness experts always keep stressing the importance of including swimming in a person's exercise regime. Swimming works out all the muscles of the body and improves the overall blood circulation of the body. It also increases the cardiovascular stamina and increases strength. It is a low impact aerobic exercise that also acts as a relaxant.

Most people make swimming a daily part of their lives by swimming a fixed number of laps every day in order to improve the body contours and also to reduce the blood cholesterol levels. Swimming is recommended for over aged people as hydro therapy sessions. Swimming is also considered a great form of stress and strain buster, and one needs to swim a few laps after a hard day's work. This is the reason that swimming pools have become a necessity for every house owner who has the resources. Every hotel, resort, entertainment destination and holiday destination has some or the other form of swimming pool and a hotel is not complete without a swimming pool.

Swimming is not just a great health activity and a recreational activity. It is also a sports profession in which only the fittest and the strongest athletes take part. Swimming competitions are regularly organized on national and international levels. It is the most important competitions in sports meets such as the Olympics and Common wealth games. People looking to set records regularly take part in record breaking swims, such as crossing the English Channel and swimming in the chilling waters of the North Pole.



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