Other Swimming Equipment

Apart from a wetsuit or a swimsuit, a swimmer also wears swim goggles for various reasons. Human eyes are not designed to see under water. These goggles help a swimmer to see under water and also above the water. The goggles come with a low profile design and are designed not to form fog over the lenses under water. These fit over the eyes air tight, ensuring that water does not peep into the eyes. Goggles apart from helping swimmers see underwater, also protect the eyes from harmful substances such as chemicals in the water. Some goggles come with features like UV protection and tints. For people who wear prescription glasses, they will need to consult their eye specialist in order to get glasses that help see properly underwater.

A head swim cap is also worn by swimmers to protect the swimming pool filters and also to protect their hairs. Swimming caps are made from latex, silicon or lycra and are worn by competitive and recreational swimmers. These caps keep the hair dry from the chlorinated swimming pool water and also help to keep the hair away from the sun. These were first developed to be used by women to keep their wave hairstyle after swimming. They are different types of swimming caps such as Tank, barracuda hothead, racing, and standard swim caps. These caps differ in the area of the head they cover and their shape, with some covering the ears too. Other swimming gears commonly used are nose clips and earplugs to keep the water out of the nose and the ears.



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